Sport Performance Unit 

If you are reading this then you consider yourself to be an athlete who wants to study at University. In this case, the University of South Wales is the place for you.

Traditionally balancing sport performance with academic studies has been difficult to maintain without one of them suffering. However, at the the University of South Wales our commitment to sport has led to the creation of our Sport Performance Unit where we want to help you maintain the right balance enabling you to develop both in your sport and your studies.

In the squad you will find yourself working alongside talented athletes for varying ages, backgrounds, nationalities competing in a number of sports including boxing, rugby, cycling, Tae Kwan Do and more. 

Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you would like the chance to sponsor an individual athlete or the Sport Performance Unit as a whole, there are a range of potential opportunities available.

To find out more please contact:

George Rose at 01633 432432 or email


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